Faraway I.N.C.

About the project


“Faraway I.N.C.” is an unusual mix of visual novel with other entertainment elements.

— Description —

Peaceful future. Dozens of planets living by their own rules.

The protagonist is an ordinary student named Gena, hurrying to his home planet after the third year of study at the university. Ahead of him are waiting for a couple of months of holidays, idleness and entertainment. Or not?

On the way home, Gena stops briefly at Omega Station, a tourist metropolis hanging at the intersection of star trails. Going out for a walk “for half an hour”, the main character gets into a bind and almost dies from asphyxia, as a result of an accident. For some time he is chained to a medical bed. Gena’s vacation is going down the drain, but… maybe it’s for the best?

Restoring strength and getting into funny situations, the main character meets new friends, the need to earn money for a return ticket, as well as the first serious hobby. Will he be able to break through the wall and achieve reciprocity? Will you be able to return home? After all, the accident was only the beginning of a mysterious chain of events…

— What awaits you —

A beautiful visual story in the genre of science and entertainment fantasy, with an original way of presenting the text and elements of the game.